An overview of research projects from members of our group.

Breaking the Screen

Interaction Across Touchscreen Boundaries in Virtual Reality for Mobile Knowledge Workers.

Spreadsheets in VR

Pen-based Interaction with Spreadsheets in Mobile Virtual Reality.

Handtracking Accuracy

Accuracy of Commodity Finger Tracking Systems for Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Displays.

Above Surface Interaction in Mobile VR

Above Surface Interaction for Multiscale Navigation in Mobile Virtual Reality.


Reconfiguring Physical Keyboards in Virtual Reality.

Effects of Depth Layer Switching

Perception between OST-HMDs and body proximate displays (such as smartphones).

Corneal Imaging

Around-Device Interaction using Corneal Imaging.


Ad hoc mobile multi-display environments through head tracking.

OST-Calibration Survey

A survey of 20 years of optical see-through calibration for AR HMDs.


Open-Source 3D Full Body Scanner (page opens in new window).


Adaptive User Perspective Rendering for Handheld Augmented Reality.


Around-device interaction using reflective glasses.

Web-based AR

Web-based Augmented Reality.

Augmentation not Duplication

Designing Augmented Comic Books.

Text Entry in VR

How to type in Virtual Reality?

Pervasive AR

Survey on context-awareness in Augmented Reality.


Interaction with multiple displays on and around the body.

Smart Glasses for Industrial Use

Augmented Reality HMDs for industrial use cases.

Semantic Web + AR

Utilizing semantic web sources for AR content.

AR Sketching

Augmented Reality support for sketching.

AR Character Modeling

Augmented Reality character modelling for games.


User-perspective Augmented Reality for public displays.

Hologram Verification

Interactive Hologram Verification using Smartphones.

AR Tourism

Understanding the utility of Augmented Reality for touristic applications.

AR Games in Public Space

Understanding handheld Augmented Reality gaming in public space.

AR Browser

Augmented Reality browser survey.

Hybrid AR Interfaces

Hybrid user interfaces for poster interaction.